Seychelles reviews entry requirements

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10 August 2015, Comments: 0

After a review of the Ebola situation in the West African region, the Public Health Commissioner of Seychelles issued the latest Communiqué which reviewed the entry requirement for Seychelles.

Consequently, the Department of Immigration and Civil Status hereby advises all airlines of the following:

“As from Saturday 4th July, 2015 Visa is required for nationals of the following countries still affected by the Ebola virus:Liberia, Guinea Conakry and Sierra Leone.

Nationals of ANY COUNTRY except Seychelles citizen who travels to any of the above mentioned countries within 21 days prior to arriving in Seychelles will not be admitted or allowed to disembark.

This also applies to ANY transit passengers.

Airlines are advised to take extra precaution to avoid transporting any passenger as per the requirement specified above.

KQ teams are therefore instructed not to board any guests who have been to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone in the last 21 days at time of travel.

For more information, please contact your HRG Ghana dedicated travel consultant.

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