The Flagstaff House

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Flagstaff House is the presidential palace in Accra which serves as a residence and office to the President of Ghana. Flagstaff House is built on the site of a building which was constructed and used for administrative purposes by the British Gold Coast Government. The previous seat of the government of Ghana is the Osu Castle. Flagstaff house was reconstructed and inaugurated by the government of John Agyekum Kufour with the name Golden Jubilee House in November 2008 when construction was about 70% – 80% completed. In January 2009 the incoming government of President Mills moved the office of the president back to Osu Castle and later changed the sign in front of the building back to its original name claiming that the previous government had not used a Legislative Instrument to effect the change as required by law. The Mills government was in turn criticized that the name Flagstaff House which was given to the building by the British Gold Coast government glorifies Ghana’s Gold Coast past. The seat of government was moved back to the Flagstaff House in January 2013.